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creating an edible garden in the heart of Tennessee

2017 – so far.

How are we nearly halfway through the year already!!! The strawberry season has come and gone, along with the spring salad greens and peas. The blackberries and raspberries are in full swing and the summer squash, tomatoes and peppers are just coming into their own. The beets and beans will survive a little longer, but it’s already time to be thinking about ordering seeds for the next round of sowing in the fall.


Blog June 2017


There are a few new additions to the garden this year. This is my first year growing zucchini. I’m not a huge fan of summer squash but had the space so wanted to try it.


zucchini 2017


I also grew some cape gooseberries from seed and they are doing well. Here’s hoping they will pollinate and I’ll get some fruit in the fall. And the flying dragon fruit planted last winter, that will eventually grow into my front edible fence are also growing well.


Flying dragon fruit 2017 (a)


Another first was celery. I planted some seeds in February and put out three plants in a morning sun spot to see if they would survive throughout the hot TN summer, to give me celery in the fall. So far, they are doing well too. And my biggest success of the year had been parnsips! I planted them last fall, with the carrots, and they were ready to harvest this Spring.

And I’ve  got a few experiments going on too. The Vert Grimpant melons that I grew on the ground last year, are growing up trellises this year to see how they fair. I’ve also got my tomatoes growing up a trellis wall as well, and am growing them single or double stem because of it.


Blog June 20172


There is nothing quite like figuring out how to grow a new food. You can read all the garden books in the world, but there’s nothing that will teach you like trying. You don’t need a green thumb to be a gardener – you just need to pay attention.












  1. Jason Christensen

    February 9, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    I am pleased to see your gooseberries are doing well. I am researching what to plant in my yard in East Nashville and was looking at gooseberries and where to buy them and found your page. Going to plant them with my blueberries.

    • Susan Enan

      February 9, 2018 at 10:08 pm

      HI Jason, my gooseberries actually didn’t do that well…yet. I’m still hoping that I’ll figure it out one day. What you see above is the flying dragon fruit, and that does very well here. Good luck with your garden!

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