Turns out it was a difficult year to try out the brassicas (which are really hard to grow anyway).  About half of the starts survived the pests once outside, but the summer never seemed to end and we went straight to winter. I think it was just too hot for the plants to grow enough before the cold set in. I tried to start a few again but it was too late.

The brussel sprouts put up a good fight and started to form but once we hit really hard frosts (in the early 20’s) the game was up.


Young brussel sprouts


So did the cabbage, although they looked so beautiful in the winter weather.


winter cabbage


The cauliflower, and even the broccoli and kale (which I’ve grown in the past) fared no better this season, but I’m not close to being done with trying to grow these foods here in TN. And before January is up I’ll begin to sow the seeds indoors to try again in the Spring.