For the last year I’ve just been throwing my compost onto a pile until I had time to make a compost bin. Anything to keep it out of the landfill but not exactly nice to look at and totally unmanageable in the grass and weeds.


Compost heap


Now that I’m back in Nashville for a few weeks straight I decided it was time to make the bin.

There are loads of ideas on the internet about how to make your own bin. Pallets make a really cheap version, but I since I love to build and design I wanted to be a bit more adventurous.  Here’s the end result….


Compost bin


I used untreated cedar fence posts (I seem to use these for just about everything in the garden). The front opening was split into two for ease of removing it when the pile needs to be turned, and the sides are wire mesh to allow air in. The box is about 3 feet square as I read this is the minimum size to get a good hot compost.

Eventually I want to understand how to compost well but for the moment, I’m just happy to have something to throw all my waste into. And if that’s all you do, you’ll still end up with some pretty good dirt for your garden. Anything else is gravy.