This year was my first for fall planting and I wasn’t really sure when to do it. Wait too long for temperatures to cool after the blazing Tennessee summer heat and I was worried thereĀ  wouldn’t be enough time for some vegetables to grow before the frost sets in. I had a three week window when I was going to be home from touring mid August – early September, so I planted in August leaving enough time to keep an eye on young seedlings before leaving them on their own.

For the most part, the timing has worked. The broccoli is still only an inch across but we have almost a month of no frost here so they still might grow large enough, we’ll see. I think the only plant I would consider putting in earlier would be the garden and sweet peas. The brussel sprouts didn’t germinate at all and the few cauliflower seedlings that did come up, died shortly afterward. Some you win, some you loose.


Oct 31st 2015


The giant radishes came up in a couple of days and some ended up being 3 1/2 inches across! My first year for turnips too (now I just have to learn how to cook with them). The rainbow chard is the healthiest it’s ever been, and after the first few kale leaves were devoured by insects, it’s made a remarkable recovery as the weather has cooled.


Oct 31st 2015 (2)