You know you are a gardener when you have more seed catalogue’s delivered than home & clothing put together! It’s that time of year when all the 2016 orders have been placed, and some have started to be delivered. I’m growing almost everything I grew last year, along with a few  additions to expand the garden. Here’s a round up.

Baker Creek is my go to again this year for seeds. Now I’ve got the hang of growing most of the vegetables, I’ve added a few more varieties to some types so I can compare tastes. Here is this years stash.


Seeds 2016


Last year the parsnips, cauliflower and brussel sprouts didn’t grow, but it will take a few years of failure for me to completely give up on anything so we’ll see what 2016 will bring. I’ve cut back on lettuces since their season here in TN wasn’t that long.  The arugula did really well though, as well as the spinach and kale, so they will be my main leafs this season.

Another failure last year was my rhubarb. I love rhubarb but it’s not that easy to grow in warmer climates. Still, I ordered some more to try again, along with some potatoes, from Grow Organic.

My biggest disappointment by far in 2015, partly because it was the first thing I planted, was the death of the apple tree. It budded in the Spring and then died. Who knows why for sure, but the city was working on a sewer line not too far from it and it ended up leaking. I’ve order the same multi-variety tree, along with another one, from Bay Laurel Nursery.

Lastly, I ordered another gooseberry bush and some more early season strawberries (since I managed to kill many of mine while transplanting them!) along with a variety of everbearers which will produce berries over a longer period of time. They came from Nourse Farms.

Here’s the complete list:

Baker Creek

Grow Organic

Bay Laurel

Nourse Farm